is an online multiplayer game where users are assigned a unique plane character. The goal is to eliminate the other planes to climb up the leaderboard ranks. It is an action-themed game in which small fighter planes move in the direction of the cursor, shooting down one another as they go.

Players have limited health levels, so you must ensure you don’t get hit too often. You can exit the crossfire through the sides of the space, but if you remain out for too long, your plane gets auto-destroyed. Going to the uppermost part of the playing area causes your plane to stop moving, and going to the lower part, underwater, affects your health.

Each arena or game round consists of about 20 players. Although the primary aim is to bring down the other planes, power-ups and special orbs are scattered around the arena for you to collect. The arenas also have leaderboards, and each winner is assigned king of the leaderboard for that arena. The reward for this is a triple health bonus.

Respawning occurs after death, so the game is kind of endless, but at the end of each arena round, the winner or king is determined by checking the highest score on the leaderboard. offers many fun options, from character customization to high-grade weapons and special attacks.

Quality Features Of

The highlights of playing are directly related to its features. Some of them include the following:

  • 2D Game Environment.
  • Revenge Attacks in which the game highlights the position of the enemy plane that just shot you.
  • Power-Ups dropped from the top part of the screen. These convert your machine gun into a more advanced weapon such as a missile, laser weapon, or bomb.
  • Healing Drops heal you to an extent after a shot.
  • Customization options for plane colours.
  • Mouse and Touchscreen Controls.


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Tutorial For Playing

To become the best player, you must know how to play the game well. Remember that you must wipe out the enemy planes and collect weapons, special items, and bonuses that you come across. These tips will help you.

  • To add someone to the game, generate a link in the top part of the screen and send it to the person. This gives access to the arena you’re Having players who are on your side increases your chances of survival.
  • To control your fighter plane, move your cursor or tap your mobile device’s screen in the direction of movement.
  • Choose a weapon, and stick to it. To do this, you must know each weapon's pros and cons. The missile launcher is slow, but it deals great damage. The machine gun has little damage The super laser weapon is the most powerful of the collection.

Last Words

Profusion Studios developed for mobile devices. With versatile controls and a simple, intuitive interface, this game offers players a rewarding gaming experience and fun at the same time. You get real-time multiplayer gameplay, intense action, and air-based combat in one game. It is a sure bet for lovers of fast-paced games. also has a map showing areas where the fight is more intense so you can avoid them. It is better to focus your attack on areas and moments when the fight is not so chaotic. The weaker opponents are usually located near the water. All you need is a good aim and a long-range weapon to defeat these guys.