is a browser-based colony simulation game developed by Belfont. The major elements in are maps and colonies. The game starts with a world map representation, but you can upload maps if you want to. You can also create a map with your preferred features, such as colonies, terrain types, and population.

This brings us to the subject of colonies. A colony is a marked section of the map. It has a capital, name, troop number, and strength level. The colony usually has a capital denoted by the coloured tile assigned to it. also lets you generate random colonies. The system will name and design flags for them with minimal interference from you.

Each colony is separated from the rest of the map by a border. also has features that let you create custom alliances and assess troop strength and total military capability. The core of this game is the tile system. Tiles, and the terrains and alliances represent the colony capitals.

Here’s how it works. You create a colony and mark it by placing a coloured tile to represent the capital. You can also choose to draw a border to mark your territory. Then, you select the map mode. Each mode has a different effect on the map.

For example, when you choose the Attack map mode and click the Play button, the colonies on the map begin to expand until you click the Stop button. The prominent color determines the most powerful colony on the map at the end of the round.

Latest Features Of

Although the features are regularly updated, here are the basics you have to be aware of before you try playing the game.

  • Game Speed is adjustable using a slider.
  • Colony Creation can be automated or done by you for greater customization freedom.
  • Map Modes include Attack, Defense, Ideology, Frontline, Alliance Flags, Geo, Pop, Troop, Supply, and Control.
  • The Edit Terrain feature for adding plains, mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, tundras, and deserts.
  • Custom Alliance Creation.
  • The Sort Options feature for ranking colonies based on their population, tile count, total military capability, troop count, and strength.
Advertisement also includes a screen section to inform players of upcoming updates. They include realistic population numbers, better map editing tools, colonial overlay, and a simpler economic system.

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Tips For Playing

For every beginner, the first thing to learn is how to create a custom colony. Once you know this, everything else is easier.

  • Click the Create Map button. This changes the world map colour to green, creating the game board for you.
  • Click on Create Custom Colony, and fill in the blank spaces for Name, Capital Population, Strength, and Troops.
  • Select the tile colour of your colony using the color box beside the Name blank.
  • Select Place Capital, and choose a position on the map to place your land tile.
  • Click on Draw Borders, and use your cursor to draw border lines on the map.

Final Thoughts lets you try out different situations on your map, ranging from attack to defense, frontline establishment, troop creation, and other things that would happen in a real-world map. The display is better when played on Chrome, and the home screen has a Discord/Maps button which leads to the Discord community where you can download maps.