is an online multiplayer game where you will find yourself in control of a world where your ability to control a flying craft would help you overcome your enemies. As you continue with the game, the arena would become smaller. This will make everyone find ways to fit into smaller spaces so that they don’t get hit by others or deplete their individual hit points.

This helicopter themed game is hilarious, fast-paced, and jaw breaking —at the same time. The epic feeling of bringing damage to your rivals when controlling the machine will make your stomach drop, increase your fear and adrenaline, whilst still laughing from the sheer fun of it simultaneously.

You will find yourself having mixed feelings when you play this game.  It will either get you hooked for hours on end or bore you after just 10 minutes. Either way, it’s a fun multiplayer game with cute graphics and challenging gameplay. As you go to war with your rivals whilst controlling the copter, you might become even better than Maverick if you are able to stand as the last player standing after avoiding the numerous obstacles there are.

This online helicopter game will need you to bring down copters of your rivals which would come in different formats. You would need to upgrade your skills to become stronger than your enemies; upgrade the arsenal of your copter with the aid of different types of guns. You can become the Maverick himself, or even better once you have been able to capture the enemy base.

If you have had any fantasies about being a war pilot, then you have an opportunity to live your fantasy.  Join the fight of helicopters and allow your Maverick to roam free. With the speed of this game, you have to do all you can to ensure that the enemy doesn't beat you at your own game. Do all you can to win.


What is so spectacular about

  • It comes with Arsenals like grenades, bullets, ability to teleport, airstrikes, laser beams, etc.
  • You have the ability to change the game’s mechanism of action with the aid of the bar that holds the the menu.
  • It comes with 3 different levels of quality graphics
  • You have the ability to register how much progress you've made.
  • It is available in full display

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Tips to be a top player

As a top Maverick, you have to be ready for any signs of danger. Here are some tips that make the game more interesting and would give you the edge among other players.

  • You would need to upgrade your skills to become stronger than your enemies;
  • Don’t be afraid when the arena becomes smaller, think on your feet like a Maverick that you are
  • Don’t shy away from using your weapons to inflict damage on your rivals
  • Use the special abilities to get yourself out of tricky situations
  • Always be alert and be extremely vigilant. The enemy can come from any angle.

To sum it all up is a fun game to say the least. If you are intrigued by games with helicopter themes, then this is the game that will help you bring out your inner Maverick.