Our forebears warned us that a day like this would come. Those who listened and prepared themselves will be able to tell the story, whilst those who did not would not move on to the next stage of evolution. This is the tale of devast.io.

A million gamers are scattered worldwide, and the apocalypse is here. But there are no buildings in sight. Instead, nature has taken over with its greens circling houses and once beautiful structures. This arcade-style game shows a night and day cycle to make you realize when you need to run or hide from the ruthless enemies you would have to face.

It comes with 2D graphics showcasing a never-ending wave of mutants equipped with salvage weapons and much more. First, you would have to find somewhere to sleep before the night goes down. Then, you would need safety bunkers, food, and water to last you throughout the night.

Here, you can converse with other players in different areas of the world. All you need to do is find a server that interests you, get a suitable nickname, and, most importantly- survive. Take note of the ever-present radiation waves that can cut your life short in no time.

This game serves to teach us as humans a lesson on why regardless of advancements, the basic amenities cannot still be done without. Therefore, the game's creators subtly made it a priority for players to take care of those things. Without this, they would be unable to survive the harsh conditions of the post-apocalypse.


Features Of Make Devast.io?

  • The ability to talk to different players across different multiplayer servers
  • The day and night setting makes the game more realistic
  • The Maslow's basic hierarchy of needs like safety, feeding, etc, is made necessary
  • Perfect visuals for the gameplay

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Tips To Be A Pro At Devast.io

Devast.io needs you to think on your feet as you engage with the game. This makes speed and critical thinking some major skills you would need.

Here are some tips that would be of help to you in this game:

  • Take care of basic needs like food and shelter, as that is the only way to survive.
  • Beware of radiation as you fight other players
  • Make use of salvage weapons to kill your enemies. They are also at your disposal.
  • At night, do more protection, i.e. defence than attack. You can attack fully during the day.
  • Always be alert for the slightest change of sounds in the environment. It can be a tell-tale sign of the coming of the invaders.

Summing It All Up

If you are looking for one of the best adventure games out there, devast.io is it. With the perk of being able to play it online via a browser, it is no wonder that the game is quite popular, with a rating of 4.7/5 and 9091 votes among thousands of gamers. This online survival game has helped to create a means by which people can pass the time whilst still learning the importance of basic amenities like food, shelter, & clothing.